Tesco PLC: Give Winchester a Sporting Chance

FAO: John Allan, Non-executive Chairman, and Dave Lewis, Group Chief Executive, Tesco PLC

Dear Sirs

We write as concerned residents of Winchester in Hampshire, to ask for your support.

As you may know, Tesco PLC owns land at Bar End, Winchester, which is on your asset disposal list. This land was put forward for housing development – presumably by Tesco PLC – via the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) for Winchester's Local Plan. 

Tesco PLC's land at Bar End, known as The Garrison Ground, is a prime sport and recreational venue for our community. It is home to the Winchester City Flyers women's and girls' football club and the Winchester and District Girls Football League, as well as to Winchester Amateur Boxing Club. It supports grass training for the Winchester and District Athletics Club, and every year hosts events ranging from Cancer Research UK's 'Race for Life' to the local Fun Fair. It's also an important venue for kickabout football, informal play, and dog walking.

The ongoing use of the Garrison Ground for sport and recreation is essential to our community. The City of Winchester has a shortfall in sports grounds of more than 11 hectares, and desperately needs new publicly accessible swimming pools, sports halls and synthetic turf pitches, to meet the requirements of a growing population and in particular increasing numbers of children and young people. Certain facilities – such as those for gymnastics – are completely absent from the local area. Bar End is the best place for any new facilities, but we will need to retain as much open space as possible there too.

In short – we cannot afford to lose the Garrison Ground to housebuilding or to any other non-sports related development. 

Please will Tesco PLC work with us, the residents of Winchester, to protect the Garrison Ground and to develop a community sport and recreational hub at Bar End?

Your land could make all the difference to the future of our City and District. Please give us, and our children, a sporting chance.

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    Open Letter to Tesco PLC: Give Winchester a Sporting Chance
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    Open Letter to Tesco PLC: Give Winchester a Sporting Chance
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    Open Letter to Tesco PLC: Give Winchester a Sporting Chance
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    Open Letter to Tesco PLC: Give Winchester a Sporting Chance
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    The garrison is great facility should not have homes or business built on it….
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    To even consider turning this multi sports facility into housing is uncle speak able, especially when our children need to exercise and socialise more. Tesco you have a huge obligation to work with the the communities you are in and to preserve facilities such as these
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    Open Letter to Tesco PLC: Give Winchester a Sporting Chance