I’ve heard the new sports centre could be built at Bar End. Why there?


First, we need to agree what to build. Any new facility must deliver more court time and more pool time, as existing facilities are under huge pressure. It should also expand provision into new or currently under-served areas of sport and recreation, such as gymnastics. Once it is clear what the community needs, a viable location must be identified – one that will ensure maximum access and use. We have looked at a number of sites and concluded that Bar End offers the best compromise as it’s already a sports hub, and it’s equally accessible to those inside and outside the City, including by bus and bicycle (e.g. the new cycle path down to the Hockley Viaduct). You can also walk from the city centre down the river or along Chesil Street – it’s the same distance from the Guildhall and bus station as River Park (0.6 miles, just over 10 minutes walk). There’s plenty of space for car parking, and, importantly, it’s not in the middle of the flood plain! (For a detailed assessment of the issues related to both Bar End and North Walls, see: Sports centre location issues.pdf)

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